Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Late catch-up FNwF

I'm late posting what I made on Friday for Friday Night with Friends. I have no excuses but I really didn't turn the computer on until just now. I don't even have much to show either. It was a cold and wet night and I couldn't keep my eyes open much later than 8:30pm.

I crocheted two small flowers and a butterfly. The butterfly needs some practice but the flowers I can make without thinking. These ones have been packed up and should have arrived along with a letter at their destination.

This is who I was stitching with, Puss. A cat who was cold enough to wear a scarf. Of course there were all the other ladies who did a much better job of there creating than I did and probably stayed up much later too. Friday Night with friends is held on the first Friday of the month and is hosted by the very lovely Cheryll.



Janice said...

It was perfect weather for sitting in front of the heater crocheting. Puss is very patient. I don't think Joey would keep a scarf on very long.

Cathy Hetzel said...

Love the photo of your cat......:-)

Fiona said...

those are lovely little flowers... I don't think it matters how much is done... so long as you have fun creating a bit.. the cat picture is just lovely...