Friday, October 17, 2014


I am as a rule an animal lover. Flies and rats are the exceptions that prove the rule in this case. I even like snakes. Like, not love, mind. Foxes are no exception even after one took a little lamb last night before it even had a chance to take its first steps. I like foxes in their rightful place which is not here in Australia. It was such a big mistake made in the past bringing them here after the colony was settled.

We are vigilant with watching for predators and doing what should be done to keep them at bay but sometimes it happens. Foxes are crafty. It's not the  fault of the fox, he is only doing what he must to survive. If I could, I'd tell the foxes there are plenty of rabbits which he is more than welcome to.

When I first stared farming a loss like this would have maybe brought on a tear or two but I'm harder now. You become accustomed to these sorts of losses. Even the girls don't cry as much and they are fairly sooky. It  doesn't mean that you aren't affected, just that you can take more in your stride.

I am glad that this ewe like most of the others had twins so she still has one lamb because when they lose both that is sad.

No pictures today.


Lisa said...

I am terribly sorry that little lamb got taken. Oh, dear.

africanaussie said...

Oh how sad....I must say I think I would be ranting and raving about it.... I wish no-one had brought cane toads here either!

KERYN B said...

Tracy you are way too kind.....I'm really sorry about your lamb.

Terra said...

How sad about the lamb. Many times it is not a wild predator that kills livestock but a pack of domestic dogs. When we lived on a farm we learned that people let their pet dogs out at night and they would kill and not eat chickens, etc.

Joolz said...

Foxes are just horrid, sly, cunning creatures and not good for anything.