Thursday, November 12, 2015

Planting today

Fresh out of the garden today. Carrots. An heirloom mix which will go in tonight's dinner of honey roasted carrot risotto. I usually make a roasted pumpkin risotto but all of last summer's pumpkins are gone. So carrots it is. Actually risotto kind of lends itself all kinds of flavours as long as you stick to the basic formula of rice, white wine and stock.

That's what came out of the ground today along with some underwhelming garlics. Into the ground went:
  • 5 Amish Paste tomatoes
  • 6 Diggers Mix tomatoes
  • 2 Black Bounty eggplants
  • 2 purple globe artichokes
  • petunias
  • snapdragons
  • 3 tomatillo plants
  • 12 sweet basil plants to keep the tomatoes company
I broke my favourite digging implement. Learnt that when it comes to hammering in tomato stakes I am not the ideal height. That just means I have had a good upper arm workout even before I roll out my yoga mat (if I can roll out my yoga mat).



Kimberley said...

oh I adore those carrots! You could add a new garden tool to the Christmas list (well you might not be able to last that long without it though!) I love buying NZ made tools.

kiwikid said...

What wonderful looking carrots!! Well done!! Hope the upper arm is ok!

River said...

Your carrots look wonderful and tasty. A risotto sounds perfect.
I remember planting a packet of heirloom mix carrots, also tomatoes; all I got were two purple carrots that were orange under the skin and a couple of green zebra tomatoes. I bought many packets of seeds from the Digger's Club and they didn't do well at all. The peas and beans were okay, I got lots of meals from those, but then I always had good luck with them no matter what brand I planted.
I did grow my own garlic one year and got a great harvest, but never again. The cloves just die in the ground. The only thing that ever did really well was zucchini, I had enough to share with the whole neighbourhood.
I'll stick with buying my veg from now on.