Thursday, October 6, 2016

I've been busy

When I am not being lazy I am usually busy. If not busy actually doing something then busy thinking of what I could or should be doing.

But weeding and mowing and working in general has kept me occupied and pleasantly tired at the end of the day.

 Sulphur-crested cockatoos have been having a merry time in my lemon trees. Happily they haven't found the mandarins.

 I'd been leaving the fruit on the trees and picking as needed but I've had to pick them all because I'm sure the menaces will be back to finish things off. A bowl of lemons on the table will look nice and I'm sure I'll use them even quicker if they are inside.

A couple of the rose bushes are starting to bloom. Seduction and the Knockout rose. The bushes are all very lush this spring because of all of the rain. I hope the blooms will be equally lovely as the verdant bushes.

Bees are happy to have the lavenders in bloom. Me too, they are really one of my favourite plants and flowers. Not enough lavender bushes in my garden to give me lavender honey though. I think I would need an acre or two of just lavenders for that. I'll work on it.

Cup of tea now and then back to work.


Chookyblue...... said...

wish I had some of those fresh lemons.........

Joolz said...

I was out admiring my garden at lunch time. My roses are a way off blooming yet but they look very healthy. I also noticed a lot of new little weeds have popped up because we've had so much rain so there's a job for me! I should do a little bit each night when I get home from work...we'll see! ;)

Cheers - Joolz xx

River said...

The garden is looking lovely, the rain was most welcome, for the plants at least.

Lisa said...

Sulfur-cresteds seem so sweet - my friend Cyndi had one. But I guess when it comes to eating, we all want what we want! :D

africanaussie said...

I have butcher birds attacking my cherry tomatoes, so am making sure i pick them before they colour up too much. Your rose is so beautiful!

kiwikid said...

Those cockatoos are cheeky aren't they...a bite here and there and on to the next one!! The lemons look wonderful though. The rose is beautiful.

I am said...

Hi Tracy love the smell of fresh lemons,yes those birds can make a mess of fruit trees.
Oh i do love your rose,yumm lavender honey sounds yummy xx

Janice said...

I love the photo of the sun shining through the lavender. Everything is looking great. Enjoy those lemons

Tania said...

Tracy, an acre or two of lavender would look stunning and smell divine!

How can those pesky birds eat lemons? Weird sense of taste I say!

We get parrots occasionally eating our summer fruit but not citrus. Even though I think a crow may like our mandarins as I sometimes find a random fruit that has chew marks out of it.