Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hot days

Early starts to the day are my favourite kind no matter what time of year. I get some time to myself, listen to the birds waking up and enjoy a cup of tea. At the moment my quiet time is a bit rushed because I have to get outside before the sun is shining too brightly. It's hot. Around the 39degC mark yesterday but actually tolerable because the humidity is so low. Tolerable for me at any rate.

The plants are actually loving it. There is enough soil moisture here for now so they just grow and grow while the sun shines.

The leafy plants aren't as keen but I love the look of this lettuce setting seed. And new lettuce seeds how good is that?

Chillies are putting on fruit. This one actually looks a little scary and the tag warns that it is extremely hot. I hope so.

Ronde de nice zucchini are growing faster than I can keep up. There are a few here of a size suitable for the table but the gigantic ones are destined for relish, slice and cake. maybe even some soup. I love zucchini soup no matter how ugly it looks.

Ok. Off for a walk before the heat.


Lisa said...

Enjoy your warmth and sun, Tracy! I've got a sinus issue here, it's in the low 20s, and I'm a bit shivery. :)

kiwikid said...

Your walking view is beautiful Tracy, and the veges are doing really well.

River said...

Your garden is so much more productive than any of mine ever were.