Sunday, February 18, 2024

Out of habit

 It is so easy to get out of the habit of doing something even if it is something you enjoy. I think that is what happened with this blog. One thing then another put me off and then the new habit of just not blogging became the norm. Recently I've been looking back at old posts to find pictures as it is easier than searching through the thousands that are on the computer. It made me realise that this really is a good platform to record bits and pieces for posterity and also to share if anyone is interested. 

So whilst this is a bit of a nothing post, I will be sharing a bit more even if it just so I can remember.

Tracy xo


River said...

The dahlia is so beautiful! I love the colour.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful flower, I enjoy blogging for the same reason, it creates a great record of what happened in life.

doodles n daydreams said...

It's easy to get out of the habit and hard to get back into it. I'm back after about 4 years :) I love the colour of thedahlia at the top.

Sharm said...

Nice to touch base again Tracy. My blogging became very sporadic the last couple of years but I’ve come back to it as well. I find it’s a lovely way of recording memories and just the day to day at times. Although FB is instant it takes away as well ……I’ve just ordered a blog book to date back to the last one I’d had made in 2017. I just did it for an 18 month period but plan to get another made once the discounts are on again.

Janice said...

I do hope we see more of you here. I find that my blog is by far the best way to track down photos and work out when things took place. A really good diary.