Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Settling back down

The last week and half have been hectic. I had to take Grace and Hope to drama/ theatre workshops all week. As part of the syllabus, they must have some exposure to drama and as I strive to keep my life pretty much drama free, I thought it best to have someone else do the dirty work in this department.

I didn't have much time at home. It was just like being at work, away all day and coming home tired. Unlike being at work though, I didn't really get much done during the days. I did finish the dreaded cross stitch and made an unfortunate trip to the hairdressers ( but that will wash out).

So this week it is back to 'normal'. Tim at work, Tom at school and the girls enjoying getting back into homeschool routine. Me, I am cooking, cleaning, going on long bike rides and just generally reigning over my domain. It's a treat.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I need an attitude adjustment

Obviously there isn't much happening on the gardening front. The weeds aren't so domineering and there isn't the need for watering that summer requires. I do have a few fruit trees to plant that arrived in yesterdays mail but that can wait until tomorrow.

The attitude I need to adjust involves giving. Last year, I received as a little surprise, a cross stitch kit from Vickie. It was a wonderful treat and I stitched up quickly and new from the start that I would send it back to her completed. It added to the enjoyment of making it knowing that I was giving it away.

Vickie really seemed to be pleasantly surprised too.

At the beginning of this year I was asked to stitch up a kit for my daughter's violin teacher. I am finding it hard to get into a groove and just want it done. I am begrudging the time it is taking away from things I want to do and just generally don't want to do it. I'm hoping by posting here what a whinger I am that it will force me to change my attitude and finish the stitching with a more sunny disposition.

I think I will just do it. Then I can look at it every time we have a violin lesson.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chicken Tonic

On Monday morning our Pekin rooster, Oliver, was a little poorly. The day before he was fine. On Monday he didn't crow to start the day, he didn't want to eat andd was a bit watery around the beak. Thankfully Tim was home to handle him because although I love having all manner of poultry, I don't like to touch birds. His crop was a little distended so we (Tim) massaged it gently and it seemed to relieve the problem somewhat.

I prepared a tonic of nettles, garlic, wormwood, tansy and water on the stove and administered it with a syringe when it was cool. Oliver didn't mind it and swallowed it just fine. The left over tonic was mixed with the other chickens rations. A little turmeric or chilli can also be added to the tonic and is especially good in winter.

I was really expecting to find a dead rooster on Tuesday morning but no. Oliver welcomed the day and was as healthy as ever. I guess he was just having an off day like we all do sometimes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It Seemed Like a Good Idea

It seemed like a good idea last week when the reality of it wasn't so imminent. I was silly, I don't like playing board games (except maybe Trivial Pusuit) but I told the kids that we would play every game in the games box.
The box looks innocent enough. It sits in the lounge room and is used as a coffee table most of the time but inside lurk all of those dreaded games.
We have played Yahtzee (which I won) and Monopoly. I threw in the towel half way through Monopoly, I am just not the wheeling and dealing type. Besides that, I was sent to jail three times before I even went past GO once. I think we have Mouse Trap, Scrabble and Twister to choose from next.
It is cheap school holiday entertainment, the family is together and it is raining so we are inside anyway. I have to admit that despite my dislike for games, I had fun. Tonight though I am cross stitching, no more games for me today.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

While the pasta is resting...

I will write a quick post. Yesterdays day off 'work' didn't see too much done. I took a stroll up to the front gate and decided that I would really like a sign that is a little nicer than my faded hand painted sign on wood from my sister's old shelf.
A visit to the fruit tress and being thankful for the effort of caging all of the trees. The rabbit activity is evident everywhere. We definitely have to be more proactive in our rabbit control.
I decided to have weeds for dinner. Luckily I have some willing farmhands who don't mind risking a sting or too. The girls really are daredevils. If you look closely, they are both wearing thongs (flip flops) even though they are amongst the nettles and the ponds and puddles were still frozen over at this stage.

They managed to gather a good basket full and we had some lovely nettle soup ready for a post hockey supper. I will spare you a picture of another soup which delicious as it may be is probably best eaten with your eyes closed.
Tonights pasta should be ready to roll now.
Take care,