Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy, busy

I'm not complaining about being busy. I do not work at all because I love what I do. I'm not well paid in dollars but I certainly am rich in the ways that count.

 Busy clearing the compost area of the old pumpkin vines which dominated over the summer/autumn (kikuyu too). I am now ready to make a batch of winter compost. Which may take a bit longer than the speeding summer kind but it ends up being ready when the garden needs it for spring growth.

 Busy sewing too. Actually this is shameful (not the colour even if it is shamefully bright), Hope chose this fabric about 5 or 6 years ago for a nightie. I finally sewed her a pair of pyjama pants yesterday afternoon. It took all of 20 minutes from start to finish and she was happy. I wasn't because she couldn't have her nightie. There was enough fabric for a 5 year old but not for a 10 year old. At least she got her pants I guess.

Todays photo a day topic is ART. I have absolutely nothing in my house that remotely resembles anything that would be called art. Craft yes. Art no. So with that in mind, I took some pictures of some of the things I have painted over the years. I like practical things so I generally paint something that has a purpose. Boxes, buckets etc.



Kimmie said...

Cute pj pants. Love your folk art painting, you are most talented with a paintbrush!

Kayly said...

WOW!!! Your paintings are wonderful. Love the cows and the long legged farmer.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Shameful would be not making anything at all. I am sure she will love them.

Glad to hear the weather has improved and your able to spend time in the garden making compost.

Joolzmac said...

What do you mean, you don't have any art in your home? You've done some wonderful pieces of ART!
I love the cows.

I had trouble too - we barely have any photos on the wall let alone art. My picture is of a miniature silk painting that I bought in India.


africanaussie said...

I didn't know you were so artistic! so talented, thanks for sharing those!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Glad you have a productive day. Love the BRIGHT pants. Love all your ART photos too. Very talented :)