Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Excited

 June 8: Six o'clock. I am a bit of a clock collector but I rather like the idea of showing where I like to be at six in the morning or night (during the winter anyway). By the fire the lights out and just sitting alone ot with the family. Tomorrow night we will be outside with a campfire and that will be equally nice.

But why am I excited? My boy, Tom, is coming home tonight and will be staying for a week. It is stuvac for his first semester at university and apparently he feels he will get more study done at home with Mum looking after him than he will if he stays at the townhouse fending for himself. I'm not sure if this will be so but he will be well looked after and spoilt just a bit.

I am branching out with my farming and tomorrow I am setting up a roadside stall. It is the only thing for an excess of pumpkins and honey and no transport to sell them at the weekly organic market. I'm hoping a nearby clearing sale will increase sales. The rams are proving more difficult to sell this year, People often contact me to buy ewes but as only one ram is needed for many ewes, they are harder to sell. I have had a few inquiries but no sales as yet. Hopefully after another round of advertising tomorrow, their will be some takers.



Becky said...

I hope your roadside market does well. Enjoy your time with you r son... I know you will.

Janice said...

No wonder you are a little excited. It will be lovely to have Tom home and I'm sure he will lap up any spoiling while he can. Good luck with the roadside stall and selling your rams.

Lisa said...

Oh, if I lived near you I'd surely buy some of your honey!
I wish you many customers.