Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm not counting my chickens

 ... or turkeys or ducks for that matter before they hatch but there is some serious nesting going on around here. This one everyone seems to be laying eggs in and I collect the chicken eggs everyday, they are for us. We don't have any chicken we want to breed right now but I am hoping to buy a few new chicks next week. They have (what I think is) a lovely nesting box to lay in but they choose to make their own nests wherever they fancy. I guess they know best.

This nest is exclusively duck eggs and is out in the open. The ducks usually build their nests outdoors and don't mind the elements. Hopefully someone will decide it is time to sit and incubate this clutch soon. I'm looking forward to some ducklings, they can't be beaten for cuteness.

There is another clutch of eggs in the poultry house. There is a very protective mother-to-be sitting there so no photos today. Although I love my birds, I am more than a little bit scared respectful of her when in a broody mood. Anyway, they shouldn't be too long before they are hatched but it is her first attempt at motherhood so who knows, many things can go awry.

It is just that wonderful time of the year when there is so much happening, much to do and many things to look forward to.