Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paying it Forward-seeds

Carrot- purple dragon

Seeds are big deal to me. Almost everyday I am planting seeds or collecting them or even eating them. Most of the seeds I use are heirloom varieties which come with a history and often a little more flavour too. Swapping seeds or even giving them away is great way to keep things growing. Last week Gillian offered some of her excess seeds and I took up her offer.

If you would like to learn more about the plight of seeds the impact on food production/freedom then there is a film that can be downloaded from here.

Anyway my little bit for spreading seed is to give some of my own seeds away. I have some beans (climbing princess) and a few moon and stars watermelon seeds(I don't have a lot of these)  that I will give away. Unfortunately I can only send these within Australia and not to Tasmania or WA because of quarantine restrictions. But other than that I am happy to post them. Just send me an email (sunnycornerfarm  at  hotmail dot com    or there is a link on my profile page) with your name and address and which seeds you would prefer.

happy growing


Unknown said...

Hi Tracy, great to see so many people saving and swapping seeds at the moment! I will send you an email...Cheers, Liz

Blore said...

You will need to visit the new seed bank that is being built at the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens. Not sure when it is due to open and I hope they will give public tours.

Tania said...

What a great idea Tracy.

I havent tried collecting seeds yet, I just let mine go to seed and grow wherever they land :)