Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whilst offline

 There has been plenty to do while the computer has been out of action. Lambs are being born including a set of triplets. So that is enough to keep me busy even if it is just time spent watching their antics.
Bee on sage flowers
 The bees are in a flurry of both nectar and pollen gathering. Nectar from the sage is just becoming popular as the lemon-scented geraniums flowers start to wain.

Tim weeding
 The vegetable garden is the place to be. The summertime weed onslaught isn't here yet so the work is pleasant, the weather is good and there are plenty of good things to snack on along the way.

High Tea for Habitat
Last week I also had my High Tea for Habitat.Plenty of goodies were made and shared in the name of a good cause. Besides that I love any opportunity to use my old china that I have collected and to try new recipes. I would have liked to have our tea party outdoors but the wind was too gusty. So it was tea iside then ooutside for a garden and farm tour.

Charlotte picking snowpeas
So therer in a nutshell is what I have been up to. Of course there was the usual mundane things of every day life. These are just the highlights here.


Tania @ Out Back said...

It is amazing what one can achieve without a computer lol!

Welcome back Tracy :)


Kayly said...

High Tea - what fun! I know if I lived within driving distance, I would have been angling for an invite. I love getting out the china and silverware and playing ladies.

Kim said...

When your lamb had triplets, did you have to feed the third one as we did or was mum able to look after all three?

africanaussie said...

Your tea table looks lovely - I see you had different cup sets - I like that idea....

Christy said...

High Tea, just the name sounds grand. It all looks so lovely.

Always fun to get the china out.

Lil Bit Brit