Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home again... and it is HOT.

I really am the worst traveller. I like the idea of going away and seeing other places but then when I'm away, I long to be home. Fickle through and through. Anyway, I am home again. We travelled back on Friday in the 40 plus degreeC heat and thought it was very hot but today was hotter. The indoor animals (humans included) spent the hot part of today doing very little which is probably the wisest choice. It is the livestock which can suffer the most in extreme weather. I have heard of animals perishing in very hot weather and poultry can be quite susceptible but ours seem to be ok. They are housed  in  a shady are with plenty of ventilation and are quite free to roam during the day to find their own ideal spot to cool down.
 While we were away, we celebrated Tom's birthday. We had dinner out at an Indian restaurant with a few of his friends from university. I didn't travel down on the train with a birthday cake but Tom's friend Karmen made him these super cute cupcakes. Very wise of him to have a friend who like to bake I think.

 I had a day in between arriving and driving home so another trip to the city and the Botanic Gardens was on the to-do list. I took Tim with me this time and we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and strolling without the pressures of a to-do list.
 Other gardens off so much inspiration on a small and large scale. I like to get ideas for individual plants I would like to grow and sometimes even ideas for major proects which would suit our garden.
A water feature is a tempting idea right now but that could just be because of the heat.

I did a little birthday shopping in Sydney too. I have two Christmas day birthdays to shop for and in my quest for gifts that are supportive of smaller businesses, I didn't have to look very far. My lovely friend, Melissa, who I went to school with right from kindergarten to Year 12 has a small business selling handmade skirts and other goodies. Not only did I get to support an ethical business but I got to catch up with a friend who I haven't seen in too long a time.
I should also mention that Tom has drawn the winner of the giveaway and the lucky recipient is....


Kim said...

I love the cupcakes! I am just thinking how appropriate it would be if farm stay guests arrived to find a plate of sheep cakes on the counter! How did she do the faces??

Kylie said...

Karmen's cupcakes are gorgeous. Perfect for a rural boyo like your son. I wonder how she got those little faces...has she just been clever and done them with icing?
I hope it cools off for you soon x

Janice said...

What cute cup cakes. Not often do you see ones suitable for a male. Your stroll through the botanic gardens sounds lovely. Isn't the heat horrible. We've only had in the high 30s, so not as extreme as some. Fortunately, we had storms earlier in the week, so everything has had a drink. Stay cool.

Kimmie said...

Way cute cupcakes~!


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Hope you got a bit of rain last night and a bit of relief from the heat :) summer has arrived:)

africanaussie said...

what lovely cupcakes, and congratulations Trishie.

Karen said...

Yeah, I feel so sorry for all the animals that have to cope with those high temperatures...poor things. Those cupcakes are sooo cute!