Friday, December 14, 2012

Post 393

Title creativity has escaped me so "Post 393" it is today. That does mean 400 is close by and I will definitely be generous when I get to that milestone so stay tuned and I will think up a little something to giveaway to celebrate.
I have all of my swap ornaments hanging quite nicely on this years living Christmas tree. It is only a little tree but it is nice and full and once Christmas is over for this year, it will beplanted in the Christmas garden in the backyard. The Christmas garden is the place I have reserved for trees and plants that have served as our Christmas tree. It doesn't need to be a pine or traditional at all, just somewhere nice to hang a few special decorations.

Yesterday I posted my finishing post on the Yates site for their   yates Growing Challenge. It is supposed to be a picture of the garden ready. My garden is never ready or finished. It is always a work in progress. Sometimes with more work in progress than others. At the moment it is in a good growth phase. With not a lot of variety in the harvest department but a lot of promise for good things soon. The corn and tomatoes are growing really well and even though there looks like there are quite a few empty spots, that is good. It means that I have made enough room to plant some more beans, zucchini and corn.

I have been out and about the past two days with an appointment for Grace at the podiatrist and a presentation day for Tom for his work he did at school in 2011. But now it is home for a while with lots of good to be done. Though I may venture out to the local Christmas Carols on Sunday evening. I want to plant some more radish, carrots, silverbeet... the list is too long. That's my idea of fun times.

I really couldn't resist snapping this picture of the Borlotti beans. They are like a jewel and although I really would like to use them right now in  a salad, I am resisting (I'll admit I may snack on a few when I'm gardening) and letting them dry for use in soups and salads in the winter. Delayed gratification, it's a good thing.
Gadrening so far has been more of a struggle than ever before because of necessary water restrictions. After our tanks ran dry a while ago, I have been quite hesitant to use the wet stuff but I am. I need my garden for more than just sustinence.


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

such a cute little xmas tree, envious of your borlotti beans

Lisa said...

I love the view in your Christmas garden.

Paola said...

I concur with the last sentence! I would be sorely tempted by the Borlotti beans too - fresh ones are such a treat.

KL said...

You have a huge area for gardening. Wow! Happy gardening. How do you dry your beans for using them in soup?

Karen said...

What a great veggie garden you have one that big would be great but as you said water is a big issue.