Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things I like today

Storm clouds rolling in. We are so needy for rain right now that however it comes and in whatever quantities, we will be grateful.
Corn plants with cobs forming. Not too long to wait for sweet home grown corn.
Eggplants producing aplenty. They are the tiny kind which don't seem to have the bitterness that larger varieties sometimes have.
A basket of goodness for tonight's dinner. We will be having a zucchini souffle with char-grilled vegies on the side (tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum and maybe a zucchini too) with a balsamic dressing.
That storm that was threatening is here right now. So bye for today.


Joolz said...

I hope you get a good soaking, we could do with one too but I don't think that's in the forecast.

I am actually hoping for good weather for this weekend as we are heading to the beach with visitors for Melbourne.

Your garden bounty makes my few cherry tomatoes look puny - yours are so red straight off the bush!

Dinner sounds delicious - I'm afraid we are having Mac n Cheese (my standard when Gus goes away).

Cheers - Joolz

Janice said...

How did you go with the storms this afternoon? We had heaps of rain in town but only 11mm at home. Your veges look wonderful. We finally picked our first few yesterday, but we were really late planting.

africanaussie said...

So glad you are getting a bit of rian as well. Gosh your dinner sounds deleicious.

Paola said...

Those rain clouds are exciting, aren't they? We got 18mm yesterday, the first rain of any consequence for ages. It is overcast today, but not raining :(.Dinner sounds fantastic!

Lisa said...

Well Tracy, I hope you got your rain!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Hope you got some good rain Tracy :)

I have those same eggplants growing, any hints on how to know when they are ready to harvest? I have heaps of the little blighters :)