Saturday, February 9, 2013

Around the yard

It seems the heat is back for a while. Not nearly as bad as it was back in January but the temperatures are on the up. The rain we had and the warm days are making everything grow, grow, grow. And the cool nights are making me not just think about but act on my plans to get the wintery vegetables in the ground. Best to do it now before it is too late to plant my own seeds and have to rely on seedlings from the nursery. Hopefully by the time the seeds/seedlings are ready to go out into the vegetable garden, there will be room for them somewhere. I'm not sure why I would even hope it would be different this year, there is never enough room, no matter the size of the garden.
 On my turn around the garden this morning in between planting carrot seeds, basil seedlings and some foxgloves, I noticed how pretty the sun shining through the rainbow chard looked.

 The Marina di Chioggia pumpkin has some nice sized pumpkins coming along. They are an heirloom variety and  I got  the seeds from Diggers (I would be more than happy to give some seeds to interested gardeners in Australia when they are ready, just let me know). It looks pretty enough now but as it develops and ages, it does get quite a warty look which some might call ugly but I think it is interesting. The flavour makes up for any lack in the looks department. Sweet and it's a good keeper.

I also had quite a workout turning compost. All three bays needed moving along. The plus side to that is I have a load of compost ready to spread before autumn/winter planting. And an empty bay ready for the next load to be made up.

Now it's homemade pizza as a treat for dinner tonight.


Jeanette said...

The rainbow chard looks great. I'd be interested in the pumpkin seeds please. Hugs,xx.

africanaussie said...

I love ugly pumpkins! they always seem to taste great! I never quite know when to start seeds, but think it is still a bit too early for us.