Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Town again today

We had another trip to the doctors today and although Tim's blood pressure is still higher than it should be and he is still feeling off colour, he is definitely looking better. He is sweating less and the aches and pains are becoming more localised. I'll admit, I was worried for a bit. He has been given this set of shifts (4 days) off work to rest and recuperate.
Not now though. With a mind put at ease, the town trip (I hope it is the last for a while) wasn't too bad and I made the most of it. A coffee in a cafe.

 A trip to the library to pick up some reserved books that had come in and also a few magazines to read in the evening. The library would have to be one of my favourite places to visit. So much for so little/nothing unless of course you return your books late. Lots of new recipe inspiration in this stack.

 I also bought a bundle of linens from the op shop. For the princely sum of $1, I brought home a set of six napkins and seven doileys.

I suspect they were all embroidered by the same lady. The work is so neat and they are in great condition. I bought them because I will use them and I will love them. And although I don't know the real story of where these came from, I can imagine that they were lovingly stitched by someone who is no longer with us and that her family didn't want them. Which is a sad thought. Of course the reality may be that the maker just got sick of them and decluttered them out of her life. Anyway, they are here now and I am eager to let them shine on my old furniture or on my teatime table.

Thanks for reading and for wishing Tim well.


Kimmie said...

Soft squishy hugs and hoping Tim in on the mend and feeling much better soon.
Love your op shop finds...I like to imagine same with my finds :-)


Jan said...

That's better news for you to report. I hope the improvement continues. Also hope the blood pressure goes down quickly. I have just gone back on tablets after five years not needing them. I had forgotten what dreadful headaches come with it high and how terrible I felt. I can imagine how bad he must have felt and add in any other problems from the bite as well. Can also understand how you felt.

Hope all looks up for you both.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful stash - especially the peacocks!

Karen said...

I never thought about getting books from the library...I take so long to look at them I would always be returning them late! Love your doilies...I went to a couple of op shops looking for doilies and they said they didn't have any as people don't use them anymore. I am going down the coast in a couple of weeks so I am looking forward to checking out the ones down there in the country towns! Always good finds in country town ones.

africanaussie said...

the library is also my favourite place to visit. Glad you are giving those beautiful embroidery cloths a good home.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I have been promising myself a trip to the library to see what books I can find. I wouldn't mind reading some permaculture books, as this has been my interest lately.

Love the linen haul :)

Best wishes to Tim.