Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Hi there, I am back again having not been away at all. Just too busy driving about as Grace's chauffeur and then too tired to look at a computer screen when I had the time to do so. Early morning starts I can handle and in fact, relish in but those late night finishes after a musical performance really mess with me. I am usually in bed by 8:30pm so driving home at 11pm night after night is not something I want to repeat for quite some time.

The poultry are glad to have the people at home properly because it means their days are spent roaming. I confine them to their rather large pens when I can't be around because predators will take any chance they can get.

Very happy to have some autumn strawberries ready to pick. The strawberries were a bit disappointing earlier in the season so hopefully these last minute ones make up for that. One of my wishes would be to be a better fruit grower.

Climbing Iceberg
The roses really are putting on a fine autumn display too. I think it is  their way of showing thanks for the heatwaves being over. This Climbing Iceberg never gets much of a chance to run rampant because it is growing along the fence which borders a sheep paddock. The sheep don't bother too much with the stems of roses but the flowers and leaves are fair game.

I'm planning on a much quieter week this week but you know, anything could happen to change that. I'm also thinking a trip to visit my boy in Sydney will be on the cards soon too.

Have a great week,

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shez said...

nice post Tracy and i hope no more late nights for you.xx