Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's a jungle out there today

 It is that autumnal time in the garden when everything is taking off. The weeds and grass and garden plants too are looking like a jungle. I think it is the vegetable plants ploy to hang around as long as they can. I mean how can I pull them out to make way for wintery goodness when they are still going so strong? I can't. I have a few empty beds now so today I have planted some more radish , weeded three beds and spread compost. All in a mist that gently fell. 'Twas lovely.

The fungi have been proliferating in the wet weather. Some only last a wee while but some hang around and become giants. There was even a cute fairy ring in the driveway but I was not ready with the camera while it was still cute.

 The bees are really making the most of any break in the rain. They aren't returning to the hives when it is misty rain, only when we have a downpour. Too busy to be indoors I guess.

The flavour of the day for them is the rosemary. I kind of like it too and will pick some (flowers and all) for our tomato tart we will have for dinner.

School lunchbox baking now.


Kimmie said...

Oooh that tomato tart sounds delish. Love your bee photo's. A wet soggy jungle up our way. Just need the rain to stop for long enough to get out among the weeds :/

Kim said...

My garden is a little bit junglely too, Tracy.But when I stick my arm into the jungle I can still pull out a carrot or a giant bulb of beetroot , though it looks like a terrible mess.

Paola said...

I was thinking along the same lines only yesterday. My vegie patch is a bit of a jungle too, especially since it decided to start raining. What goes first..that is the question!