Thursday, April 4, 2013

And the doctor said...

In my beekeeping overalls  feeling chipper and looking silly

That apart from my low iron stores and all that is associated with that, I am healthy. That is the blood tests were all within normal parameters. He is none the wiser as to why I have such low iron stores but didn't seem overly concerned so I will try not to be either. Though I am vowing to pay more attention to my general health, diet, fitness and wellbeing from here on in. Hopefully the iron supplements (which are causing me some nausea and diarrhoea) will perk me up a bit so I have the energy to spend where and when I want to. I am hoping that the supplements will be a short term solution.

 I think the chooks had the right idea today. It was a  cool night and start to the day but in the sunshine today is really lovely. This spot is in my front garden and obviously ideal for a nice relaxing dust bath.
Driveway Grevillea in flower

Another aspect of my life which has been suffering has been my garden. When I didn't realise I was low in iron, I was just blaming my lack of motivation and energy to work on my own laziness. The things that usually give me joy, were just another thing on the to-do list. Now I am armed with knowledge, I realise I wasn't being lazy (not on this occasion anyway) and my body really was tired and run down and I should have been listening to it. So today I did some planting because that really is the best kind of gardening. Six new lavenders along the driveway to replace those gnawed by rabbits. I also gave them a sprinkling of blood and bone which is my way of organically detering said rabbits. It works but you have to make sure you reapply as needed.

All that to say I am fine and tomorrow I will post a recipe for the zucchini pickles I made on Monday. Yummy but a little too spicy for me.


Becky said...

Well thats good to know... hope the supplements help. My Mom had the same issues with taking them.

Paola said...

Great news that nothing untoward is going on. Sometimes I guess your body is sending you signals that you need to take care of yourself. Hope you are back to feeling 100percent soon.

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear it doesn't seem to to be anything serious. But, if the iron (ferrous sulfate?) doesn't agree with you, maybe you could get some organic iron supplement at the health-food store. I've been anemic for years, and hat's what I do. It works fine.

(still working on your letter!)

Joolz said...

I hope you are soon feeling better, nothing worse than that dragging feeling.

Bri had general bloods taken a month ago as she has been having migraines and her iron level was up too high (34 when normal is within 10-30). Doctor has suggested another test in 3 months and will take it from there.

Isn't this cooler weather lovely? I plan to get out and revamp my front patio area which is currently full of cobwebs, dried leaves and dirt, not to mention dead petunias in pots! Those last few hot days we had, I just didn't have the energy to water. Oops!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

Good to hear you're feeling chipper! Green leafy veges like silver beet are meant to help with the iron intake and might help you ditch the supplements. I'll be interested to see your pickle recipe as I've got a few zucchinis piling up. I'm not too fond of fiery heat though!

trishie said...

Glad to know you're well and healthy. I went through a phase when I was low in iron as well and had to take supplements - which gave me constipation. Thankfully it was only temporary and i've been off them for years. Hope that's the case for you as well.