Friday, April 12, 2013

Autumn vegetable garden tidy up

Tidying up the vegetable garden is one of the things I have been doing today. It is at that stage where the summer vegetables are past their prime and they are taking up valuable growing space. There are still a few cherry tomato bushes that will stay for now but for the most part, the plants are looking just plain messy.

And to show that the weather is finally starting to change, the asparagus jungle is starting to yellow in readiness for its winter dieback. The days have been quite warm and dry but the nights are down into the single digits (Celsius that is). No fire for us yet but it won't be too long.

 Some plants have to stay put no matter how messy they have become. The pumpkins still have green stems and leaves so they aren't ready just yet.

 This is a new to me variety and I'm particularly keen to give it a try. Its name has escaped me right now but ti looks good and patience is the order of the day.

It was goodbye to the zucchini plants today and this is what was offered up as a parting gift. A massive zucchini of about 50cm and quite heavy. I'm earmarking this one for 'zucchetti' with pesto and I  will probably grate some of the flesh too for a batch of biscuits and a cake. The fibrous seedy part in the middle will go to the chooks, they love it.
The nasturtiums are really lovely at the moment and as everything pretty seems to be dying off, they are coming to the fore. These ones always self seed and I think they are grand. They also make me think of my friend Janice because she gave me the original seeds a few years ago in a swap and they have been coming up every year since.
There are many plants and ornaments in the garden that bring thoughts of family and friends to mind. It makes it a little more special for me.


Fiona said...

Lots to get done.... I have a pumpkin which came up voluntarily and has quite a few on them... but they are still small so I hope they will harden before it gets too cold!

Kimmie said...

Check out that zucchini!

Alicia said...

Those pumpkins will surely feature in some delicious meals in months to come :)

Lisa said...

I always love your "view" photos - the first one is so pretty. Your nasturtium is glowing!

(still working on a hopefully interesting letter!)

Zara said...

The nasturtiums here are so lovely and colourful too.
Those pumpkins look tasty and will provide a welcome hot meal over winter i bet.

shez said...

we have been doing the same cleaning up the vegie patch,and we also took out our zucchini plants today.xx

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Pulled everything out last week and need to visit the garden centre now. Beaut pumpkins!

Becky said...

I'm cooking up collards to put in our freezer to clear up our Winter garden to make room for the Summer garden.

Janice said...

I've just been catching up on reading blogs. I'm thrilled that the seeds I sent you have provided so much colour in your garden.