Friday, May 3, 2013

Autumn hive checks

As we head into the cooler weather and less flowers for foraging, it is a good idea to check the hives to make sure things are as they should be. That was what we did this afternoon. It really was just a quick look and see to make sure there was enough honey for the bees.


 There were still plenty of comings and goings and quite a few bees with their heads down filling the honey chambers.

And bees with lots of pollen too to feed the baby bees. I haven't always had a bee bonnet so at first I wasn't as hands on with the beekeeping. I would still be on hand but not actually handle the frames just in case the bees decided to take offence. I was never stung by our bees even when I didn't have protective equipment and I have  no fear of bees. Though I do know what a sting feels like because I can remember all three stings I have had in my lifetime and the first one was when I was only in single digits. So I understand the fear that some people have.

Beekeeping is one of the few activities we have here that (even though I don't like cliches) keeps you 'in the moment' which I find hard to do at other times. You really concentrate on what you are doing, you have to be calm and not rush and multi-tasking is really out of the question. It's one of the things I like about it.

The result of our hive checks was that they are healthy but one is a little low in honey stores which we will have to keep an eye on. Our honey stores are dwindling too, we have actually sold out of honey. I'm happy that we have had people buy it and then come back and buy more. That's the best compliment.



shez said...

what a busy life you have on the farm the bee story was very interesting.xx

Fiona said...

I know I have said it before but fresh farm honey is just one of my favourite memories... however one of my horrors is being attacked by a swarm of hostile bees ... hundreds of stings and I was quite ill with it....

Kim said...

I admire you so much for keeping bees, Tracy. And I have to admit I am really scared of being stung by a bee. I thought it reassuring that you haven't been stung all that many times yet.Would love to hear more about it in your posts.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I think I will stick to buying honey from people who keep bees. Hubby is desperate to give bees a go, but me, I am not keen. I have only ever been bitten once and that was enough lol!


Kimmie said...

Look at that delish golden honey! Isn't nature grand?!