Thursday, September 26, 2013

Head down

I've had my head down and been busy working the past few days. It's the thing to do apparently.

Actually I think it is the school holidays, it brings about a buzz of activity. No lunches to pack and no schedule to keep. It's like there are more hours in the day to take advantage of. All I know is I wake up early and by the end of the day I am tired but happily so.

The garden is providing us with lots of goodness and our lunches have been a bit cheaty. Just pick what's ready and appealing and concoct something. A sandwich, an omelette or even better a vegetable plate with some spicy zucchini pickles and mayonnaise.

Today however there is a terrible wind blowing. It is hot and dry and in my opinion a little bit scary. I think it is blowing quite strongly and causing some damage in some places. The only damage I have had to deal with is having to gather some of the clean washing from the lawn rather than the clothesline . So this afternoon the only outside chore I am doing is feeding the chickens and locking them away for the night. I have been trying to do some sewing but I just can't settle on something I want to make. It happens. I think I might just organise my contribution to Zara's swap (there's still time to join)  so that I can say I've done something crafty this afternoon.

Tomorrow is earmarked already as a baking day. The postponed high tea is on Saturday with a very much reduced guest list as it seems that a lot of people are too busy right now. Next year I think I will just make myself a cup of tea and give a donation.

Now I must tear myself away from this machine so I do actually have enough time to get started on some craft this afternoon.



shez said...

yes the wind has been bad today tracy,i checked yesterday with our fruit trees and i said to hubby boy we will have lots of fruit this year look at all the blossoms and hubby then said did you notice any bees,oh noo where are our bees,love all the vegies you get from your garden tracy.xx

Fiona said...

I always loved holidays and not having to be dictated to by the clock..... early hot weather for everyone...

Kim said...

Just love school hols... it does seem to give you more time in the day! Yes it is windy here too in the Hunter Valley.

The Little Acre that Could said...

Isn't having a garden is what enables us to be 'cheaty'? And it's not really cheating when it's real food you've grown yourself. :-)