Sunday, October 20, 2013

Simple Sunday.

I almost didn't see this fellow this morning he blends into the surrounds so well. As long as he stays on 'his' side of the fence we will get along just fine. I must say he was not too pleased to be woken up from a nap under the tree and hopped away.

 In the ground today, a row of snake beans. In a couple of days I'll plant out some corn here too. In a first for me, I have started corn seeds in trays. My germination rate had been too sporadic so I'm trying the transplant method to see how that goes. So far so good. All of the seeds are germinating with no trouble. Could be something had been stealing the seeds.

 I'm a bit excited to see little tomatoes on the vines. This one is Jaunne Flamme and is an early cropper but still quite some time until any taste testing here. And if you look closely, I'm using the offcuts from my vintage sheets used for Zara's swap to tie it to the stake. Vintage sheet tomato ties believe me are much nicer than the bailing twine that I usually use and possibly even more useful because they can go straight on the compost afterwards as they are 100% cotton.

I have a heap of spring onion seeds thanks to Lizzie so I really didn't need to let mine get to this stage but hey, they bees and other nice bugs love them so why not?

It is quite hot here today and if it is a precursor to the summer to come, I'm not entirely looking forward to it. Thankfully though the wind has abated but I don't want to speak about that just in case I jinx myself and it returns. I'm thinking though that gardening might be best undertaken early in the day and after the sun has retreated over the hills to the west. I know the sun is a provider of plenty of energy but all it does for me is drain my reserves.

This week will fly by with a weeks worth of birthday meals selected by Grace and some last minute gift making by me. I'm also waiting on the bulk of her presents (books) to arrive in the mail. It will be touch and go if they arrive on time. And although she will be sixteen, I still see the wee baby I brought home from the hospital all those years ago. She's my best friend (well one of them anyway).

If possible I'd like to order some rain.


Lisa said...

Is that a kangaroo? Do they run wild? I (foolishly, I guess) think of them as being in zoos! LOL

The Little Acre that Could said...

My mother-in-law taught me years ago that the hot work of the day needs to be done early in the morning. Get started on the gardening/weeding and the day's baking by 6am, she used to say. I could do it easily when I was younger, now that middle age has set in...not so much. Summer weather drains me too, now. :-)