Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday 25/2

The temperatures are still warm, low to mid thirties (Celsius) but that rain last week definitely brought a shift in the season with it. The promise of autumn in the cool nights and early mornings is just so pleasant. It also brought some renewed vigour in the garden. The weeds and 'lawn' are doing their best to keep me busy but I'm taking my time, smelling metaphorical roses because there are no rose flowers to actually smell.
Here are some of the flowers that delighted me in my vegetable garden today.
 Dahlia- My Love. It is a dinner plate sized dahlia so the flowers are quite large. The pure white petals don't give it anywhere to hide and it quickly fades away to a mess but its spectacular while it lasts.

 This little cutie is a chilli flower. It has lovely purple-green foliage and the chillies are rated as a 4 so supposedly mild. The chillies I've tried off this bush so far are actually quite hot indeed. Which makes it even better in my opinion.

 This flower is from the New Guinea bean. It is gourd-like and has the typical white flowers which I assume are pollinated at night by moths. Not spectacular or pretty but interesting.

And if I'm looking at flowers, there is always going to be a bee about. This time on the Echinacea.



Lisa said...

just beautiful I can almost smell the Dahlia .:)
mmm love chillies and that bee looks amazing great photo x

Sharon said...

Oh you know how I love dahlias.
There is something magical about those blooms x

shez said...

lovely pics Tracy and good to see bees.xx