Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1

May Day! I guess it doesn't really apply to us in the Southern Hemisphere given that it is a springtime celebration. So, no maypoles here. But it is the birthday of my very first ever penpal and a rather nice day too and that is cause enough for an everyday kind of celebration. It is also the first day of our meat-free month. I'm calling it Meat-Free May!

This is Bed 1 in the vegetable garden in much need of weeding and a heavier hand than I have. There are green tomatoes that I should pull up and eggplants that have little chance of giving anymore fruits but I'm an optimistic gardener so they can stay a little longer. The beans- butter and Borlotti are still producing quite well so they are definitely staying even if I need the trellises for more peas and snowpeas.

And, this is post-weeding. Barely made a difference but I did get my hands dirty and removed a rather nasty thistle which was hiding under a dahlia. I also spread around some liquidised cow manure in the newly bare patches. It's all glamour here!

I also uncovered my callaloo plant. It's an amaranth and very pretty. The leaves really are as pink as they seem and unlike grain amaranth, it is very leafy with seeds along the stems.

I mentioned a few days ago that I am pet minding. Well, here she is, Mia, the Chihuahua. She visits every so often and I get to look after her when my parents are away as well. My parents insist that she is my sister because she is their 'child'. I really don't know about that but I do know that she is my shadow.
When she visits, she gets to pretend that she is a real dog, not a baby. I think she enjoys it.

She sure enjoyed rolling in compost just as much as the next dog would. I best give her a bath before my mum and dad get home on Saturday.



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your garden is lovely mad Mia is a cutie

Lisa said...

You're very comical today. ;-)