Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, Monday

I can tell you why I don't like Mondays but I won't. I'll just try to change my attitude and love them just as much as any other day of the week. 

I'm posting letters today and hoping that the postman actually stops at my letterbox tomorrow. He hasn't even slowed down the past three mail delivery days. I'm expecting a bulging letterbox tomorrow... fingers crossed.

I'm using my much needed new gardening gloves today. I hung out until Mother's Day with some tattered old gloves and these new ones feel luxurious in comparison.

Planting out some 'mums. I have quite a few in the garden but there's always room for another flower so I always get a chrysanthemum or two for Mother's Day. I can count on one hand the number of  purchased bouquets of flowers I have received over the years and that's fine with me. I'm more of a plant kind of girl. I get the flowers now and in the future too. Not romantic but totally practical.

And what's happening in the house? Well the dining room has been commandeered by the head brewer to bottle up a stout he is making. He's experimenting with a few bottles and putting some liquorice in.  I'm a teetotaller but I'm going to don my brewster's cap and make a nettle beer next. Then maybe a batch of mead.

It's town day today (that might well be why I don't like Mondays) so I have my shopping list sorted and my menu plan. This weeks menu is almost exclusively being cooked with recipes from River Cottage Veg Everyday. YUM!!

This week's menu
Monday- homemade pizza
Tuesday- Chachouka
Wednesday- Pinto Bean Chilli
Thursday- anyone's guess, I have to go out of town
Friday- Cauliflower and chickpea curry
Saturday- Onion Tart with salad
Sunday- Soup night

Now I'm hungry.


Jan said...

I enjoyed the re- runs of that River Cottage series just recently and you menu plan looks good, especially now the weather is cooling down.

Chrysanths are pretty and you'll have them next year too.

Joolz said...

I think you are smart getting Cryssie plants instead of a bouquet.

The winter weather certainly means winter cooking. I'm throwing a stew together when I get home from work. Should only take 2 hours on the stove top. Nothing better with mashed spuds.

My garden out the back needs a good chop back. Lots of weeds to be pulled then we can lay down new bark that we have had delivered. After a bleak autumn we are getting a burst of lovely weather. Sunshiny yesterday and today and its meant to last all week. Makes you feel much better than grey sky days.

Not sure what you can have for dinner on Thursday....

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

I'm hoping the postman stops at my house also. I have ordered the very same book after enjoying the rerun series.
Sounds like a tasty week at your house.

Louise Jane said...

I also prefer to get a plant not a bunch of flowers. I always think it is very depressing that someone spends so much money on something that is going to die. If you are given a plant it is s reminder of the occasion/person.

Fiona said...

I hope mr postie came by your place.... I like those gloves - but I like them for quilting!! the rubber stabilises the fabric so well... Hubz has been happy with his first stout .. though didn't try the locorice... will be interesting to hear how that worked...

Kimmie said...

Your weeks menu sounds delish.

Always lovely to stop by your blog. Tis like a breath of fresh air :)



Kim said...

I would love the recipe for onion tart and for cauliflower and chick pea curry.Must get that book. I am trying to go a bit vegetarian....which is tricky for a beef farmer.
Looks like you are having fun making beer.