Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Catch Up

I haven't blogged much this week due to my camera having flat batteries and I have to say I have been busy toing and froing as well. Grace has music exams this week so we have had extra practice sessions and rehearsals with the accompanist for her violin. Driving wears me out, I just don't enjoy it no matter how I try to change my attitude towards it. Enough whinging.
Yesterday was a gloriously rainy day. Thunder and lightning here and there throughout the day. I love those kinds of days. I also love the sunny ones which is what today is like. 

There are still a few wispy clouds about but it is very pleasant outside even if a bit wet underfoot. The rain and now sunshine is just what is needed to make the grass grow which is what we always want.

I'm trying out my borrowed camera. It is compact and easy to use. That is, I can press the on/off switch and click away but it is quite unsteady. It took a few shots to actually get the rosella in the frame properly without any shaking and even still the focus isn't the best. As for macro shots which I take quite a lot of, it was just not good at all. Perhaps I need to read the instruction manual which I am not wont to do. I'll be happy when my batteries are recharged and I can use my own camera even if it is old and clunky.

The garden is a little bare right now but it is still has something to offer every day.

The pick of the week are the cauliflowers. This variety is Quickheart and they are absolutely lovely and tasty and surprisingly there is not a bug on them. I did give them a dose of Dipel early in the season but other than that, they have been fending for themselves. I think the cabbage moths gave up after that and the aphids are preferring the broccoli. Whatever, they are delicious.

Now I have several letters to get ready for tomorrow's post and some soda bread to make.

Take care


Lisa said...

Tracy, I actually put a letter in the mail for you today. :) Love your scenery, as always.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Your cauliflower looks good, I haven't had much luck but then I have been planting in the spring. I sprayed the cabbage with organic spray and also left a wasp nest near the cabbage as they like to catch the green caterpillars and feed their grubs with them. Looks warm in your photos.

Zara said...

You've done well growing such a healthy cauliflower.
The veg garden here is pretty dormant, there's kale and silver beet planted but it hasn't grown much at all, which I'm a bit disappointed about. I'm hoping as the weather warms up it will get a second wind and start growing.

Leanne said...

Great photos, your vegie patch looks amazing. There is nothing better than home grown vegies, we always have a summer vegie garden. things grow so slow here in the winter.