Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday 12/8

The weather can only be relied on to be unpredictable right now. The few spring-like days were replaced this morning by a fiercely cold wind and low temperatures. It can also be relied on that it will be dry with not a hint of rain around which isn't a good sign for the spring and summer ahead. We'll see!
The shed garden

 What have I been doing? Well besides taking some time off on Friday and heading off to have lunch with some fellow bloggers, I have been busy. Doing some tidying up in the paddocks, gardening, the usual household chores and missing Our Grace while she is on a school camp at the snow. I did have a cold for a few days too but I'll forget about that.

Finger lime- Rick's Red

Yesterday I weeded and pruned in the shed garden. It's a low maintenance area which gets watered rarely and weeded even less. I did find some new little finger limes on my tree. It has been in the ground for a few years now and last year was the first time it produced on mass. By the looks of it, it should do well again this year. When I bought my tree from Daley's, I couldn't find them in the garden centres but now they are quite readily available. I might get another one of a different variety if I can work out where to put it.

After recovering from helping Tim lift this beast into place , I've been left the task of putting it back together. So far I have managed the doors which were easy enough and the grate in the firebox.

I'm not good at jigsaw puzzles because I lack the essential patience but I am hoping to make an outdoor pizza/bread oven out of it. If not, it is so heavy that it will just have to stay put and taunt me each time I walk by. We'll see!



Nicole said...

your new oven is a beauty.
I know what you mean about the weather, it has been cold here the last few days and i have not let the fire go out in 4 days. and goodness me where is the rain its so dry.

shez said...

Lol boy you are clever I wouldn't know where to start with the oven,but what a good idea,good luck Tracy and hope you have a lovely evening.xx

Kimmie said...

Oooh I love a good challenge. Will be fab when finished :)

knitbakecultivate said...

Your oven looks like a hefty challenge. Yes the cold snap is a bit of a shock, but we finally have some much needed rain at long last. Its pouring right now. Hope you get some too. T x

Janice said...

I do love your oven. We had a "Youger No.1" as a barbecue at our old house. It should come up a treat for you. The weather has been somewhat testing of late, but fingers crossed for later in the week. Everything could do with a good drink now.