Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brussels sprouts grrr

Brussels sprouts are up there as one of my favourite vegetables. No one else here likes them. How could they not like them? My problem is, I can never grow them successfully. I know when to plant, what they require but I just haven't managed a bumper crop yet. Yet! This year has been particularly disappointing especially given that all of my other brassicas have performed so well. You can't have it all I guess.
I'm going to leave myself a reminder somewhere to sow extra Brussels sprout seeds next time. I'll sow them earlier and try some new varieties. Surely that will work or at the very least increase my chances.
Whatever the case, I'm not giving up. I'm stubborn like that.

What is lovely even if it doesn't quite make up for a sprouts shortfall are the heartsease. Just what I needed to see on a day when I am being dogged by a cold. The best part about them is that I only planted them once and they just pop up every year where is best for them. No molly-coddling required.

Today I gardened with one of my best girls... Puss. I think she was ready to head indoors before I was so she just had a nap and waited. My only rule for her today was to stay off the asparagus bed. They are on their way up. YUM!!!


Fiona said...

brussel sprouts... you either love them or hate them.. no mid way... I'm afraid I am the latter.... now... fresh asparagus.. that's another thing...

KERYN B said...

Tracy don't you hate when you give a special vegie extra attention and they don't co-operate. If it helps you can have my share of Brussel Sprouts - yuk.

Tania @ Out Back said...

You are not alone Tracy. I haven't had any luck with growing Brussels sprouts either. I can grow the other brasicas, but not them. Probably not the right climate here maybe?

Puss looks like she is keeping a good eye on things :)