Monday, September 8, 2014

Flowers this day

This day I've been doing my usual jobs and a few extras. Spring cleaning the bathroom was one of the extras I decided on for this week. Happily, it's done.

I've took the camera outside with me and my kitchen timer. I have a lemon slice in the oven and some dough on the rise for cinnamon buns. I'm making cinnamon buns because they were on my list for today though I don't recognise the handwriting as my own... thanks Hope.

There are loads of flowers about. Not a lot of variety but lots of the same. That's ok. They're all pretty. The first couple of jasmine blossoms have opened too which is always a sensory delight.


The Sparaxis are really nice right now. I planted the bulbs years ago and they never disappoint. They have also naturalised somewhat in the lawn so no mowing for a little while yet.

This is one of the last of my daffodils to flower. I've long since forgotten the variety and it doesn't really matter anyway.

The violets are competing with the Daphne for best scent in the garden at the moment. The pity is that they are growing so close to each other.

The vegetable garden wasn't left out. The broad beans are amass of flowers. The bees are having a feast there and I'm looking forward to harvest time.

Timer has rung. Time to fill the cinnamon rolls.


Kris@AvondaleCottage said...

Love this time of year :) spring cleaning and spring flowers... loving your garden and lil pooch :)

VintageGingham said...

Your garden looks lovely and the Cinnamon Buns sound delicious.

KERYN B said...

The flowers in your garden are really beautiful...the broad beans are all yours....they are my least favourite vegetable lol..