Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday 4/9

 A nice drive for me and Tim on Tuesday to collect pine needles for the bee smoker. Silly us, we thought we might even be able to check the hives this week, the weather had been so mild. Come Wednesday though, this spot was dusted with snow.

We are just five minutes drive down the hill but the snow didn't make it down that low. I'm tossing up whether I'm sad or glad about that. These pine forests are quite a tranquil place to be. They can become a bit noisy on the weekends with an influx of motorbike enthusiasts. Not on Tuesday though. It was just us and the eerie sound of the wind blowing in the pines. If you have ever seen Twin Peeks then you'll know how creepy that sound can be especially if you have an overactive imagination

Today I was weeding Bed 4 of the vegetable patch. That's the asparagus patch so there isn't too much going on there right now. I did spy two small asparagus shoots so that's promising. What I did do though was stir up a nest of sugar ants. I know from reading that some of the larger ones can and do bite but I've never been bitten. I like them, the Vegemite and Honey ants as Grace christened them when she was small.

It's hard to fathom that it is already September. But it is and tomorrow is the first Friday of the month so that means Friday Night with Friends hosted by Cheryll. I'll be joining in. I have a whole bunch of things I could work on and even more projects waiting for me to start so as yet I'm undecided as to what I'll be doing.

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KERYN B said...

Beautiful scenery - looks just like a post card..