Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It is a Sunny Corner today for sure. Very warm too. The lavenders at the front gate are starting to open up and the Sparaxis are  quite pretty I'm sorry I didn't take a better picture and I'm too weary to walk back up there this afternoon to do it. This morning I planted a row of sunflowers behind the lavenders with visions of their sunny faces dancing in my head. I hope it will look as nice or even almost as nice in reality as it does in my mind. Very often these things do not.

The plums, apricots and almonds have finished flowering and are looking less spectacular now. The peaches on the other hand are looking special. I do like my orchard a lot.

White mulberry showing some promise this year. Maybe we will have some fruit. This will be the first year for it if we do get any. Regardless of any fruit, it is a really nice tree.

The black mulberry is loaded with unripe fruit too and if it doesn't come through this year I may just remove it because it really isn't that nice a specimen. Always buds up too early, gets hit by frost or birds or heat or whatever. I don't think Hope would be too impressed if I got rid of it though, it's her favourite.

Now for some sewing.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I like seeing those blooms, we just started fall here and it is cool.

shez said...

lovely Tracy.xx