Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lamb and Eggs

We do have more than a few lambs now. It is always nice when there are baby animals about. Lambs in particular seem to find such joy in just being alive. They bounce! Late afternoon is their favourite time because it is just too hot to do much more than loll around during the day. I completely understand. Yesterday I wanted to loll around too, it was too hot for me and is set to be as hot as 39degC 102 degF by next weekend.

 This is Babette and her mother Butter. Babette is being bottle fed because one of Butter's teats were inflamed and swollen and too sensitive. She is still mothering her little lamb but not feeding her. It happens and we have more than enough volunteers to feed her a bottle.


Tiny chicken eggs

 Our little pet chook, Hawkie, has started laying again. If her eggs were anything to go by, I wouldn't be certain that she was a chicken at all. They are tiny and of no use at all weighing in at a huge 6 grams  (1/4 ounce).

Here is one compared to one of our regular chicken eggs.  Hawkie used to lay larger eggs, regular bantam sized ones anyway but she is getting a little older now at five years of age. I'm surprised she is laying at all and regularly every second day too. She's a good egg.

Now I've done what needs to be done today and it's letter-writing this afternoon. Oh and thinking about what cake to make for Grace's birthday tomorrow. Very last minute and disorganised which is not like this list-maker at all.



Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

The lamb and it's mother are beautiful!! Poor Hawkie - we have some small egg layers too. :) We save them up for scrambled eggs.

Sharon said...

How adorable xx