Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to basics

I'm not sure if it is the heat, the time of the year or just a whim but I have been contemplating this and that of late. Random things and some not so random. What I do know is that I feel that I have a need to go 'back to basics' and tighten my belt both figuratively and literally (that might take a while), pay more attention to what needs doing and just do it and perhaps even spend less time online. Get my routing in order... again.
It is so easy to become caught up with online things where one page leads to another and so on. My online time needs to be quality time, interacting with friends and learning things, not just meandering wherever the next link takes me. Having said that, it is sometimes a meandering results in a nice piece of serendipity that leads to a new blog and a new friend.

With the incessant heat, I've been doing all of my outdoor chores in the cooler times of the day. That is in the mornings and evenings though last night it didn't seem to cool down at all and we were at 30degC at 9am this morning. That is more than warm enough for me. The sheets were dry in next to no time which is the silver lining to the cloud (or no clouds unfortunately).

Immi with Gidget playing on the rocks

Part of  thinking in a 'back to basics' kind of way means I am menu planning. My menu plan does not make for the slightest bit of interesting reading but I'll put it here anyway just in case someone wants to read it and in case I lose my piece of paper where it is written.
Menu Plan
Monday- curry
Tuesday- Steak with potato salad with chilli Caesar dressing (Annabel Langbein recipe)
Wednesday- Pasta bake
Thursday- Lamb and chickpea tagine
Friday- Stir fry
Saturday- Pumpkin and leek tart
Sunday- Chachouka (eggs baked in a capsicum and tomato stew)
More meat this week, I'm donating blood.
Today I've given the pantry a going over. It needed it. I have no idea why I bought a can of mango many moons ago. Maybe someone gave them to me, I don't recall but they were definitely out of date. However they came to be in the larder, they are gone now and the chooks enjoyed them very much. I hope they won't mind regular rations this evening after such a gourmet start to the day.


Chookyblue...... said...

I think it is part weather related...........
hot night here the last few for sure.......yes jobs done pretty early today.......had my 10,000 steps done by 10am..........

enjoy Sharmaynes blog........

Zara said...

I like the look of your menu plan. I love seeing what others cook for dinner.
The forecast says its going to be stinking hot here on Friday, I'm not looking forward to that. x

shez said...

Hi tracy ,gee i would love to be able to get my washing dry in a day,love your lamb pic and your menu for the week sounds very yummy.xx

Sharmayne said...

I have to agree that sometimes those meandurings lead to new blogs of interest and new friends lol.....what a lovely view from your clothes line of the hills....... Sure does sound like you had a productive day.....getting the pantry sorted is a biggie & I love menus plans. Great idea to pop it down here so you don't loose it......maybe adding a page to your blog just for that type of thing might work well for you........
Hope you have a great day today

Sharmayne said...

Looks like the comments sent via my ipad didn't make it....sooo..sounds like you got heaps done yesterday! I love the view from your clothes line & the little lamb is just too cute lol
Good idea having menu plans, they always work really well... maybe try adding a page to your blog so you can have that type of thing handy. And yes, I agree that sometimes the meanduring leads to finding some very lovely new blogs and friends :) so glad to have found you and yours!

Maria said...

Despite that heat, you certainly have been busy! A pantry clean out is always interesting...the things you find :-). Not having any chooks, my compost bin gets a lot...even out of date, SR flour! Lol