Monday, November 17, 2014


As I no longer have to go into town on Mondays, it has become one of my favourite days of the week. It's my day that I feel I accomplish the most. The house gets a good going over, I organise my week and I have a bit of time to myself after I work.
Today I've been busy doing all of the usual chores. I did my exercising early because if I leave it to later, it just might not get done at all and I really NEED to exercise.


 I planted out my 'free' seeds that arrived from Diggers. They are free in that I didn't pay for them but I pay a yearly membership and the seeds are one of the perquisites.

The zucchini are absolutely relishing the hot weather. There are a few zucchini ready to pick and plenty of flowers coming on. I'm sure in a month or two I will be regretting planting so many but for now I'm happy.

 I'm also quite happy with this gladiolus. The corm came all the way from Sharon's garden when we swapped dahlias (Sharon sent me gladdies as well). Thanks Sharon. The dahlias she sent are coming along too but no sign of flowers just yet. I'm looking forward to the surprise as I have no idea what colour or type they all are.

Once I log off here, I will be busy putting together my Christmas swaps which go out this week. I have had a nice time sewing all sorts of Christmassy things but I do think I will take a break from stitching anything red for a while.

Before I forget, I have done a menu plan for this week. Here it is:

Menu Plan
Monday- curry
Tuesday-? takeaway/ toasted sandwiches (I'm taking a short trip tomorrow)
Wednesday- pie
Thursday- Stir fry
Friday- Pilaf
Saturday- Zucchini slice
Sunday- Pizzas



Lisa said...

mmmm. :D

Sharmayne said...

Looks like a great Monday! We had zucchini slice Thursday gone & it went quick!! Love the glady.... I'm waiting for some of mine to come out in flower, it's cooler here today.....

shez said...

Hi Tracy boy your gladies are gorgeous i love that colour,and i love how you work out the weeks menu ,i am going to start doing that.We planted tomatoes and corn just over a week ago and the corn is starting to sprout,the tomatoes were plants and are doing well,enjoy your day my friend.xx

knitbakecultivate said...

I bet your monday went quick because you were so busy. I too have to exercise early or it just won't happen. Monday was curry night for us too :)

Kimmie said...

Always love stopping by your blog xxx

Sharon said...

You have flowers yay. My gladis just came out today. No sign of dahlias yet but I cant wait. They are up but Im waiting for some buds. I think its a little early here though