Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hasty Post

 Between storms I'm writing a quick post. The lawn mowers are happy enough when it is fine but boy do they dislike the storms. I don't blame them. We had some severe wind a couple of days ago and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be out in it. Branches everywhere but no trees down.


My letterbox has been busy this week. Postcards in from postcrossing, penpal letters, Christmas cards and this lovely ornament from Shez. Shez included a few other goodies too and I'm very grateful. It makes me smile and I do wonder how I got to be so lucky to have such lovely and thoughtful friends. Thanks Shez.

What am I giving away today in the reverse advent? A Mollie Makes freebie kit which I'll randomly send to someone who I know has little girls who might like it. Glitzy shoe clips are not for me or my girls.
Bye for now


shez said...

Hi Tracy you have awesome friends because you are awesome yourself ,glad my letter made you smile.xx

Lisa said...

You know how I love seeing your vistas!
I sent your Christmas card, Tracy, but it may reach you a bit late - we'll see.

Kim said...

It is nice getting that rain, isn't it Tracy!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and happy new year. xx