Monday, January 12, 2015

FNwF- catch up

Thanks Cheryll for hosting a lovely get together on Friday night. I'm a little late posting about what I made because well... I have two or three (definitely three) monopolisers of the computer. One is at work today, one is doing homework and one is playing so the coast is clear right now.

I made up a simple tote bag for Tom's girlfriend. It's going in with her Christmas present that she will receive when she returns from India. I love making these bags because they are quick and easy and are really handy when shopping. By quick and easy I mean 30 minutes from start to finish. Perfect for getting back into sewing after Christmas.

One of my goals for 2015 is to de-clutter. It seems though that people are working against me. I was given this stack of books (there's a movie there too) recently because well I love to read and they are books. Not really my kind of reading material so I'm still deciding where to off load them where they will be appreciated. If you know anyone who is really keen on any of the titles, let me know.



shez said...

Hi Tracy that bag is so cute and Toms girlfriend will love it.Yes i am decluttering as well,think a lot of people are doing it this year,good luck with it.xx

Josie said...

Love that tote... it's so on trend I'm sure Toms girlfriend will love it too. Wow.... for 30 minutes work it's a real winner! xxx

Maria said...

What a great bag...and so quick to make! I notice that your pile of books have a few World War 1 themes...TV programs, books, movies all about Gallipoli and The Somme...all cashing in on the 100 years, which the UK started celebrating last year of course. :-(

barb's creations said...

Love your roses, your keeping it true is mild compared to my garden lol. I know my hubby would love the Gallipoli book as his grandfather served there :) Barb.