Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home again... hooray!

My Grace has had one of the best weeks of her seventeen years. The zoology department at UNE hosted her for a weeks work. It was part of a scholarship program designed to encourage high school students to consider studying the sciences at university. Grace really needed no encouragement and I think it is a done deal for her, zoology it is.

Her area of special interest is herpetology. Reptiles and amphibians and she spent a whole day with lizards and snakes which is most definitely not my idea of fun but it is hers. I believe the day with the reptiles made up for the hours she spent with the dung beetles.
While Grace was a scientist for the week, we played tourist. All day everyday. 
Dangar's Gorge

Gorges, country drives, geocaching and then window shopping far too much and perhaps too many café visits as well. But we are home again now and I'm glad to be so.

I'm not sure why but when I go away for a week or even a day or two, I feel like I have been away for much longer. I expect much to have changed when I look around but it hasn't, thankfully. And the farm and garden haven't missed me a jot, it's all one-sided.

I'm not sure how I will ever manage to take the big tour to the UK that I think about. Perhaps it is the thinking about it that I enjoy the most anyway rather than taking the actual trip.

While I was away I visited all of the garden centres I could. My favourite was the native tree nursery and I did buy a few or more tube stock plants. Some natives to extend my native shrub garden which I'm not sure that I have ever shared here. Some herbs and an hydrangea and buddleja especially for the bees and for me too.

It's so good to be home. Visitors yesterday, six loads of washing, mowing, baking, getting ready for back to school on Tuesday and now some sewing time. Hopefully I'll have time then to catch up on some reading. Hooray!



Kimberley Atkinson said...

welcome home. Writing to you about 10 minutes ago :). I love going away but equally coming back home. I'd jump at another UK trip easily!

Lisa said...

Welcome back! I got your letter Thursday. :)

Chookyblue...... said...

go girly scientists........we don't have enough...........