Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding Road Trip

We had our sojourn to Wellington on Saturday. We've been there a few times since Tim's mother and sister moved there so we sort of know the town. Not well enough to know where to get a good cuppa but I know where you can get a rather ordinary one. What I notice each time we go there is that there are more empty businesses. Sadly I guess that happens to many towns that are too close to a bigger and 'better' shopping town.
This time we had a wedding to attend.

They have an interesting art installation at the southern entrance to the town. It doesn't say welcome to me but I'm not known for my great understanding of art.

I'm not used to such a flat terrain. Home to me is a snug valley with hills hemming me in. It is good to see other vistas though even if it is only to make one appreciate there own all the more. It's dry out there too.

I like gardens and plants so if there's a garden to visit, then I'll do it. The Osawano Japanese  Gardens are a nice spot for a visit and a picnic.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to take a cave tour this time. It was action stations to get ready for the wedding and then straight home on Sunday. A stomach upset for me last night and today spent catching up on the work I missed while away. It was only an overnight trip and I don't know how but there always seems to be so much to unpack, wash and put away.
I'm so glad to be home.
Back to usual tomorrow.


Janice said...

The Japanese gardens are lovely aren't they. We sometimes camp at the caves with the Car Club and have a camp fire cook up. Like you, we don't get through the caves. It is definitely sad to see towns struggling and the dry doesn't help things either. I'm glad you are on the mend after your bug. Enjoy being home.

Lisa said...

Yes, it's interesting to see how things are elsewhere, but there's no place like home.
That sculpture does look - interesting. :D

Fiona said...

that is an odd piece of art.... I wonder what they were 'saying' with it... hope your tummy bug is better...