Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunny Sunday

jasmine- divine

It is sunny, it is Sunday and it is hot. Well not summer hot but plenty hot enough in the low 30s degreesC. The sun has some sting too. I am not a fan of really hot weather but I will try not to whinge and whine too much. It doesn't help so why bother?

Flanders poppies

 The warmer days (and nights) and moreover longer day lengths have made all sorts of flowers put on a display. Bees and bugs are busy. I think we will inspect the hives this week sometime just to see how quickly the empty frames are being filled. It really doesn't take bees very long to fill a super when there is a good flow of nectar and conditions are just right.

lavender plus bee

Today I'm doing bits and pieces inside and out. And finding it a little tricky to get my head around the change to the clocks for daylight savings. Didn't help that a cuckoo woke me up at 3:42am.



shez said...

Hi tacy are you blogging now,i thought it was a closed group,i am glad to see you back here my friend,love your garden and i hope you have a wonderful sunday too xx

Cath said...

That is why it feels weird today.....I am not used to daylight saving as I lived in Qld without it for so long. I was horrified a little while ago when I saw what time it was and now I realise why. Lovely flower pics...keep em coming!

Snoskred said...

Gorgeous pics as always. :)

Kimberley said...

Aucklanders would die in low 30 degree heat - hee hee. Garden looks gorgeous!