Friday, January 8, 2016

De-cluttering, crafting and so on.

It's Friday Night with Friends tonight. New Year's Day is obviously not the best time to gather together for crafting so this month we are all joining in on the second Friday of the month. Fun no matter which day. It's not too late to join in, just click over to Cheryll's blog and sign up. I'm not sure what I will do tonight. Perhaps something for Tracy's swap or even just some stitches on my long-term cross stitch project. I'm hoping my housemates join in too. Hope has already been making polymer clay creations today so who knows what she will create.
I de-cluttered quite a number of items today. All from the bathroom cupboard. Bottles and jars which needed to go. My girls are given these things and then never get around to using them and they do have a shelf life so out they have gone. 15 items added to the list.
I'm also getting serious about the trip we will be taking later in the year. The UK and Iceland are on the itinerary and I'd be happy to hear from anyone with suggestions for places to visit or stay. Or even places to avoid. I have my pinterest board which I am always adding to which really doesn't make decisions any easier. It all looks so lovely and I want to see it all. I don't think I will want to come home actually.


River said...

I did my decluttering of kitchen and bathroom on December 31st, fridge and freezer too, although there wasn't much in those.
I like to start the new year fresh or whatever other word is appropriate here.

Amy at love made my home said...

How exciting to be planning your travels!! I love a good declutter too! xx

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Bring me out of the woodwork by mentioning a trip to the UK! I can recommend many, many fabulous places, but must-sees include:
1. Hampton Court Palace & Gardens. It's just WOW.
2. Hever Castle & Gardens. Also pretty damn wow, but a different kind of wow to Hampton Court.
3. York. Such a beautiful city. My favourite city in England! I know it's a bit sodden there at the minute, but hopefully it will have dried out by the time you're ready to visit. Take the time to walk the medieval wall, and do the Original Ghost Walk (fascinating way to learn the history). If the Jorvik Centre has re-opened by then, also do that. It's really good.
4. Cornwall. The coast is particularly stunning, but stay clear of Penzance (it's a bit too cliché). The hike to the Tintagel Castle ruins is well worth the effort. Stop at one of the cafes in the township and try Tregothnan tea, and scones with local jam and clotted cream. THE BEST.
5. Bath. A truly, stunningly beautiful city. Get there early and do the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum before the crowds.
6. Stonehenge. Get the earliest tour possible. The monolith won't disappoint, but it's easier to savour the moment with less people about.
7. Edinburgh. Worth the stop over, if you intend to go that far north.
8. Highgate Cemetery. Do the East and take the guided tour of the West. It's such a tranquil, beautiful place.
Happy & safe travels!