Thursday, April 21, 2016


I used to be someone who was quite focused and could get done what I set out to do but I have noticed in the last long while, I have become so easily distracted. And I think it is stressing me somewhat or even quite a lot especially during the hours of insomnia. It isn't me or maybe it is me now and I don't like it. I don't know. What a muddle!

Anyway in an effort to distract my self from thinking about being distracted, I spent a good couple of hours planting after the morning's work was done.

I sowed seeds and wondered is there any point, I am going away for an extended holiday and I might not be home to reap what I have sown. Well someone will benefit. Whoever I have to stay as long as they are lovers of vegetables that is. If not there's always a bird or rabbit or possum looking for a sneaky meal and they do love fresh vegetables.

That's one of the things I am avoiding. The travel itinerary. It's not something I'm experienced with. We have only taken week long holidays every few years since 1999. And never to anywhere exotic or foreign or faraway. I just have to do it and that's what I'll do this afternoon definitely. No more distraction on this issue anyway. If it is in writing here then I have to follow through.

Perhaps if I work out why I have become so lazy then I might be half way to fathoming the whole distraction issue.

Anyway I hope you liked the distraction of some pretty garden pictures while I blabbered on about nothing.



Kimberley said...

oh that was a great distraction from the essay writing! :) I've a concentration span of a bumble bee some days! My house is super tidy! We never make a travel itinerary even for 2-3 week hols - we do it day by day but then maybe you can in little NZ where one always seems to be able to find pretty reasonable accommodation most of the year. Even with Europe trips I decide days out what we might do and then it might change on the day! Good luck - thing about England is that it is ALL so amazing and a never ending list of cool tings, cute villages, another church, museum,another dinky place to see!

Lisa said...

I hope your distraction is not related to a lack of protein - could it be, Tracy? Make sure you're eating properly. Otherwise, distraction seems to be very common these days. :)

Joolz said...

It must be age related. I tend to flow between being very organised and totally disorganised with a can't be bothered attitude. My laundry seems to be either empty or overflowing with no middle ground. Sometimes I'm a neat freak in the kitchen/living area or there's mini chaos on every surface!
I can't seem to get enthused in my garden, the poor neglected thing. Weekends come and I just think, nah! Somedays I look at our unmade king sized bed and go, nah too! Other days, I make it as I get out of it! Is this ebb and flow, I wonder?

A holiday? How exciting!

Cheers - Joolz xx