Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flowers for Sunday

That long, hot and dry summer is gone now and the flowers are coming on thick and fast. I'm so glad. It was a good start to the summer season but then everything just frizzled in the heat. The cooler autumn days and nights are lovely and not surprisingly the plants are responding to the kinder weather.
Eggplant bloom

Lovely eggplant blooms that in all likelihood won't make it to actual fruit but they look lovely enough just to grow them for the flowers and foliage. You can really see the similarity between them and their cousin the potato here.


 Finally some dahlia flowers. There were a few in late spring but none in between then and now which was disappointing. They are worth the wait though, so showy and bold.

Actually cosmos were one  of the few flowers I can always rely on no matter how hot the summer is. They truly are a gem of a flower. Plant them once and you never need to plant them or buy seeds again. I won't call them a weed. Not when they have served me so well. I think I have called them a weed many times before.
Well, it is Sunday and for the last month or so we have been having our Sunday Soup Nights. This week's offering is Zucchini/ Courgette Soup. The recipe is from my trusty River Cottage Cookbook. I know zucchini soup is not for everyone but I love it. Wish my sourdough starter was ready for using today but I still have another couple of days to wait.

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shez said...

hi Tracy,i love those dahlia's so pretty xx

Lisa said...

I make a zucchini soup in summer (if it isn't too hot) - it's nice and light and we like it.

Janice said...

Nice to see that you are finally getting an autumn flush. We are getting close to having a frost, so things are getting close to going to sleep.

Jo said...

I often thing that veggie flowers are just as beautiful as ornamentals. We don't eat chillis but I've grown them quite a few times just for their ornamental value. Lovely dahlias.

River said...

I'd forgotten about cosmos, they're as reliable as marigolds for colour and self-seeding. I think I'll get a packet of mixed colour seeds and sprinkle them between other stuff.

Pat's Patch said...

Beautiful Dahlia's and cosmos xx