Saturday, April 2, 2016

Friday Night with Friends- catch up

Last night was Friday Night with Friends. A big thank you to Cheryll for hosting. Lots of lovely crafting to see via the link.

I am always a slacker about crafting in the night. I am up with the birds so I usually want to go sleep when they do too but I did do a few bits and pieces which could constitute crafting.

When I knit dishcloths I always seem to have quite useless amounts of cotton left over from each skein. In my attempt to waste not and want not, I thought why not just make one dishcloth out of the odds and ends. It's going to be ugly but it will serve its purpose nonetheless. And I will be glad to not have the scrappy cotton haging around and happy that I'm not wasting it either.

This week I thought I should make some sort of start on the colouring book my sister gave me last September. So far I have just been using highlighters because it is quick and easy and I don't even care about going out of the lines. Mindfulness via colouring is not for me. I do not focus on the task at hand and I have come to the conclusion that I actually like my mind to be on many things at once. That's me.

See you next time,


Deb R said...

I didn't sew much at night either! Will have to knit some dishcloths, I received one in a swap and I just love it!
I have some colouring books too , but I think Id rather sew lol

Mascha said...

What beautiful colors of the yarn, a really splash on a grey day...
I'm up with the birds too... and I have a coloring book, but I can't decide to start - - -

By the way: the books, about them I wrote, are original in English and T. Hiraide is translated. I don't write in my blog about only German books.
Have a sunny weekend

kiwikid said...

That dish cloth will be useful, doesn't matter if it is a combination of colours. I have been given and bought clouring books but so far have just looked at them!!! I like the colours you have used.

Sharmayne said...

I'm with you on the mindfulness colouring- I actually find it annoying ......perhaps that's because we do things like knitting or crochet or gardening that gives us the peace we need. Maybe some of your leftover cottons might be good for edging some dishcloths too.

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy...I love the fabulously bright colours of your clothes. I have never made any of these, maybe I should give them a try. Hope you are well. Debbie xx