Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tea break...not

Well the pictures might make you think that I just went on a long tea break over the weekend but that is not the case. The trip was to attend my nephews' baptism and to fulfil the role of godmother. It has been in the pipeline for moths so I had plenty of time to be prepared and ready for the trip but boy was I still tired yesterday after the long drive home on Sunday night.
tearoom tea

I like the odd cup of coffee but tea is my thing and if I find somewhere that sets a pretty table and bakes lovely sweets (for the others I like savoury best) then I'm there.

Hope couldn't resist the temptation of a caramel centred chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache icing. I hear that it was delicious. Not a crumb was left.

tea at home

Tea time at home is not quite as pretty but just as sweet. More so probably. I love being at home more than anywhere else.

My lovely sister sent me home with some cake. She made me a parsnip and walnut cake. Sounds odd to have parsnip in a cake but it is very moreish. Just like a carrot cake but with just a nice hint of the parsnip flavour. Made even more delicious because I bought some more of my new favourite tea on Friday.

It's not all sweet treats though. Dinner in Newtown at Lentil as Anything. Between the five of us we ordered everything on the menu and it gets the thumbs up again. If you are in the Newtown area it's a great place to eat (actually Newtown is great for restaurants in general). I like that Lentils is vegan and not for profit (pay as you feel) and has a certain vibe that you don't find everywhere. Best advice, get there early to avoid lining up.

Well it is back to the regular routine now. No more trips between now and the UK in a couple of months. I hope. I need to keep my feet on the ground for a while.



shez said...

Good morning my friend,wow how pretty is the table set up for tea and your table is just as pretty Tracy hmm not sure about the parsnip cake even though I like parsnips,lol,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Lisa said...

Oh, that cake of Hope's sounds sooo good. Harney's teas are nice - I've had the Christmas one.

africanaussie said...

Oh my gosh I have heard of that restuarant. Do people really pay a fair price? the menu looks awesome. It is lovely to catch up with family and sound as though you had a good time.

CountryMouse said...

Beautiful tea settings there. I think the last time I visited home was for my nieces baptism where I was unexpectedly given Godmother status to my second niece.

River said...

I think your 'at home' tea table is very pretty. The dahlias are fabulous.
I never bother with setting a fancy table anymore, my cup just sits somewhere in the mess surrounding my computer.

Lilbitbrit said...

The tea looks lovely and a trip to the UK what fun. Look forward to hearing all about it.