Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A few people have expressed an interest in seeing some of my holiday pictures. So at risk of boring people senseless I will share some. Hooray for the age of digital cameras, I took thousands of photos. So here a but a few.

This isn't in London but rather in The Butterfly Gardens at Changi Airport, Singapore where we enjoyed a 6.5 hour stopover. What a difference Singapore was to home. Hot and humid after the 2degrees C we left behind. The butterflies were absolutely lovely as were the gardens in general.

I was sick when we arrived in London. A stomach complaint with a little bit of a fever. I think it was a food borne thing but after a nap in Hyde Park and 36hours without eating, I was right as rain and set to explore.

 London is wonderful with all of the historical buildings and places of interest but oh it is too busy for me. We walked 13km the day after we arrived looking at this and that and still there is more to see next time. This was also our only day with inclement weather during the whole trip which surprised me. I went prepared for the rain I was told to expect. Instead I ended up with a tan.

One of my very favourite places in London was the Borough Markets. What a great variety of edibles and a wonderful mix of cuisines and cultures. 

Japanese taiyaki in London's Chinatown. A definite highlight for the girls.


Saturday, August 27, 2016


I do plan to post a few bits and pieces from the holiday especially about my visit to River Cottage HQ but I am so busy getting the gardens ready for spring. I did slack off a little in the garden before we went away because I knew no matter what I did then it would be for nought and I was right. It's a jungle. 

Happily for the most part the weeds are chickweed and although it is edible, I just don't really like it. There is so much of it even the chooks have had enough too.

 A little or a lot of toil every day, depending on how much energy I have to give, and I'm getting there.

Of course I also came home with a renewed love for home and I have plans to provide more of our food needs. I think I am a glutton for punishment really.

When I popped a few rows of peas and broad beans in a few months ago I crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't be over before we got home. I'm glad I sowed those seeds. The weeds have tried hard to all but smother most things but the peas, broad beans, kales and Brussels sprouts have prevailed.

Not too sure about the garlic plants. I've spent a good while today trying to untangle them from the weeds and they definitely need some sunshine. The winter garden harvest will be light on this year but I think that will mean the spring and summer will be even better for the garden resting. I hope anyway.

I have a mountain of correspondence to reply to as well which is such a lovely way to spend the cold nights.


Thursday, August 25, 2016


For the first time since May 21st, I have logged into my Blogger home page. I switched off after having a spot of trouble with my past posts (still having it but I'll sort it) and then just a bit of the can't be bothered attitude kicked in as well. Then when you have been away from something for a while, it is hard to pick up again.

In that three month period, I have done things I never thought I would. Travelled to the UK and Iceland and all the way back again. I guess I can no longer bang on about my fear of flying. I really didn't mid the flying that much at all once I got over my jitters. Visited so many wonderful places and enjoyed it with Tim and the girls.

I'm glad to see that I still have some followers here who might be glad to see a post from me and very glad to see that Blogger hasn't changed in the three months and I still know how to post.

Bye for now,