Saturday, August 27, 2016


I do plan to post a few bits and pieces from the holiday especially about my visit to River Cottage HQ but I am so busy getting the gardens ready for spring. I did slack off a little in the garden before we went away because I knew no matter what I did then it would be for nought and I was right. It's a jungle. 

Happily for the most part the weeds are chickweed and although it is edible, I just don't really like it. There is so much of it even the chooks have had enough too.

 A little or a lot of toil every day, depending on how much energy I have to give, and I'm getting there.

Of course I also came home with a renewed love for home and I have plans to provide more of our food needs. I think I am a glutton for punishment really.

When I popped a few rows of peas and broad beans in a few months ago I crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't be over before we got home. I'm glad I sowed those seeds. The weeds have tried hard to all but smother most things but the peas, broad beans, kales and Brussels sprouts have prevailed.

Not too sure about the garlic plants. I've spent a good while today trying to untangle them from the weeds and they definitely need some sunshine. The winter garden harvest will be light on this year but I think that will mean the spring and summer will be even better for the garden resting. I hope anyway.

I have a mountain of correspondence to reply to as well which is such a lovely way to spend the cold nights.



simplelife said...

You went to River Cottage HQ? Oh my, I can't wait to read about that. I really hope it was as good as in my dreams, I'd hate to be disappointed.

cheers Kate

River said...

It may be weedy but at least it's very green and not all dried up. I planted some garlic and it just vanished. A few spikes showed through the soil and then poof* they were gone.

Summer said...

Your peas and beans are looking good♥

kiwikid said...

Lovely to see you back...good luck with the garden.

Debbie said...

The garden looks ok to me...I'm sure it won't take too long to get things organised. Debbie x

Janice said...

You certainly have your work cut out. At least the ground should be soft after all the rain. I had some chick weed coming up, so pulled it out and gave it to my worms. They haven't touched it, even after 3 weeks. I thought they'd love it, being nice and tender. Strange.

Jodie said...

Despite not having spent much time in your garden over the Winter Tracy your garden is looking great - overgrown weeds and all! x