Saturday, October 29, 2016

A day in town

My youngest had a sleepover at a friend's house last night so I've had an extra trip to town this week. Actually I have had a couple with some 'urgent' school uniform problems which involved more dollars for clothing than I want to think about.

I had a nice tour around the garden centre this morning. It is so lovely at the moment with plenty of potted colour to please the eyes. I would love to give the Kangaroo Paws pictured above a try but I think the frosts we get would be too harsh. And they aren't cheap enough to experiment.

I would have liked to liberate a few of these lavenders from their pots but I probably do have enough. So all I bought was what I went in for, some potting mix. Restraint!!

The lavenders at home are blooming well. Just the right conditions this year.

I also had a good collection of books from the library this week. Cookbooks of course and the recipe for tonight's dinner is from Deliceux , an asparagus and goat's cheese tart. There is still enough asparagus in the garden to make a good meal every couple of days. Yum!

I have had the worst internet connection problems to date this week. I am at the library right now and very grateful for the free and fast connection there. I will try to do some commenting before I leave for home.


Kimberley said...

what gorgeous lavender in your garden. Love your library collection too. We just had the uniform information for next year - $432 worth. What a rip off for a school uniform. Then about $250 worth of shoes on top of that, the stupid "compulsory" I-pad, stationery and $500 fees donation. SO much for a free education at a normal state high school! Not impressed

River said...

How lovely. I'm planning a trip to a garden centre myself soon, but not for plants, I've had too many failures recently. I'm looking for gnomes and gnomic things.

I am said...

Hi Tracy you did well not buying any plants ,I love your lavender .
Can't wait to see what you make from the coo, books xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Your row of lavender is beautiful! Although your weather might not be good enough to experiment with kangaroo paws, oh to have the chance of considering them! They are weird and beautiful at the same time aren't they, I have had some in a bunch of flowers once and loved them.

Linda P said...

It must be difficult for you having connection problems with the internet. Thank goodness for the library facilities in town. Stocking up with some books at the same time was a good idea. When asparagus is in season it makes for delicious eating so the tart sounds tasty. Your lavender bushes look wonderful and must give off a beautiful aroma. My husband has just cut the last of the English lavender from a huge bush in the front garden as the flowers are dry but the air is damp now. This last lot fills the room with a lovely fragrance - very relaxing. Wishing you well and I will try to send you a note by snail mail before the end of the year! Love Linda.

kiwikid said...

Garden centers are so tempting aren't they Tracy!! We have a wonderful one near here but they are expensive, so I go to the hardware shop instead. Your lavenders look amazing! I bet the bees love them. Looks like you have a wonderful selection of books there. Great to have asparagus in the garden!!