Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have meant to post I really have. I just keep leaving it until too late in the day. After 1pm, the internet speed slows down for the peak period and I have little chance of doing anything online then especially if it involves uploading pictures.

I've also been writing more down with pen and paper rather than logging it online but I do like a picture to remind me of what has been going on. They are worth a thousand words after all and sometimes all that is needed to bring back a memory good or bad.

We had a day trip yesterday. I felt like it and there is a particular native plants nursery I like in a nearby town. And one of my favourite cafes too so that makes it even more worthwhile. Lovely spring weather on the tablelands too.

I checked out a few garden centres and came back with not only the native plants I wanted but also five more chilli plants. I hadn't seen these varieties around but no doubt next time I am in our local Bunnings they will be there too. I just hope they live up to the extreme heat ratings they state on the labels.

 Poppies have taken over too much of the vegetable garden. I just can't bring myself to pull them out but I am promising to be ruthless as they germinate next year. It's the only way to manage them. They are pretty though and the Flanders poppies are just starting to flower. The pink peony variety are little later to flower but showing lots of promising buds.

The lavenders are still the flower of the moment. And are abuzz. When I finish up here, I'm going to go and plant out another row of Avonview lavenders from the plants that have self sown in the paths. They're tiny but by this time next year, they will be earning their keep I'm sure.

Lots of mowing to do too, our ride-on mower has given up and according to expert and not so expert opinion, is not worth fixing.



River said...

You're so busy I get tired just reading about it! The lavenders are gorgeous. I remember when I had one,just one!, the fragrance was so lovely.

Joolz said...

I'm afraid I've become a weekly blooger too! I'm having trouble with the blogger app on my phone now, so just drops out and crashes. I think I'll have to contact Blogger to see what it ciuld be.

Looks like you've had more sunshine than us! I must try and get pictures of the flooded paddocks around here. I've lived here my whole life and can never remember paddocks full of water, especially in October!

Cheers, Joolz xx

Chookyblue...... said...

bugger about the mower..........enjoy the temps...

Janice said...

You'll certainly get your exercise with the mowing. I hope you get a new one before it gets too hot. We just bought mum an Avonview for her garden at the retirement village she has moved too. She missed having a lavender plant. Your garden is looking lovely.